Implementation of multiple_select and choice filter using external itemsets.csv file not working

Dear All,

I need a urgent help. Please help.

I want to know how to implement multiple_select and choice filter using external itemsets.csv file.

By using external itemsets.csv file select multiple type question is changing to select_one type question. Choice filter is working but both choice filter and select_multiple is not working when multiple choices are fetching from external itemsets.

Hi @rakesh0143, are you able to post the questions and files you're trying to get to work? Having those to work with would help people trying to understand the issue.

Sadly I don't believe there is a select multiple implementation for external itemsets. @yanokwa do you know more about that?

Dear @danbjoseph,

Please find attached .xml and .xlsx file along with external itemset file. I had highlighted in yellow colour in .xlsx file where I am facing problem.

Please I need this help urgently. Please please help me.

xml file: Seed_Producer_Register_05122017_v1.xml (13.6 KB)

external itemset: itemsets.csv (151.2 KB)

XLSX file: Seed_Producer_Register_05122017_v1.xlsx (126.2 KB)


You have the variety choices list on both the choices worksheet of your xlsx file and in your itemset.csv file. At only 86 rows, I don't think you would need to have it in an external itemset, just in the form itself.

I uploaded just the xlsx file to KoBo and both the choice_filter and select_mulitple within the repeat group worked in the web preview of the form powered by Enketo.

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