IMPORTANT: PLEASE HELP TEST an upcoming ODK Collect release

Please help us verify that our changes have not broken the processing of
your existing forms.

*(1) *download the ODK Validate release candidate and test it against your
existing XML forms -- does it error where the earlier one didn't?

Release Candidate: ODK Validate 1.4.3 for ODK Collect rev 1039 and higher

*(2) *download the ODK Collect release candidate and test it against your
forms. In particular, when you save then re-open a saved form, is
everything OK? Especially with forms with repeat groups?

Release Candidate: ODK Collect 1.4.3 rev 1039

If any behaviors are different from the existing 1.4 release, please open
an issue and attach your
form, or send me ( ) your form directly, in
confidence, referencing the issue number that you have opened.

ยทยทยท --------------

The next release of ODK Collect has some very major changes to the
underlying Javarosa libraries.

Among them are:


Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington