Including unchecked option in subsequent question as choice option in a multiselect question

Hallo Team,

I'm having a multi select list of crops am inquiring if a farmer planted, within that list there is an option for NONE which is constrained - you can't select together with other options (list of crops).
In the next question which is also a multi select, I am asking which crops the farmer planted using improved seeds. Here the choices available are dynamically filtered from the previous list of crops planted/grown by the farmer.
There is another subsequent question similar to the above which ask which crops were planted using fertilizer - again dynamically filtered from list of crops planted by a farmer.

My challenge is in the two subsequent questions, I'd like to include the option of NONE so that if a farmer doesn't use improved seeds or fertilizer then that's the option one chooses, however this option is not available since in the first question where am asking list of crops planted by a farmer, I've already restricted choosing NONE together with other choices.
Can one assist
test.xlsx (35.7 KB)
how I could go around. Am attaching a sample of xlsform for your understanding.

Hi @janna I had inquired about this question, I'll highly appreciate should be having a solution.

Hello @rigs,

The to keep none on the list even if not selected in the master commodity choice question, you would need to edit the choice_filter() to look like name = 7 or selected(${crops_grown},name)

For optimal results, you will need to replicate the constraints to limit the use of none with any other commodity of the subsequent questions ( crops_improved_seeds and
crops_fertilized). You will also need to add a relevant instead or relevance column to prevent the two questions from showing if none was used on the master question. The relevant value would be not(selected(${crops_grown},’7’))

Hoping this helps,

Jules R

Thanks alot @jules_rugwiro, this has worked perfectly well for me.