Installing Central on DigitalOcean

I am an old timer with aggregate and looking for guidance on how to transition to Central. Is there a guide on how to do this? I purchased access to the server but the next steps are a lot fuzzier than they were with aggregate. I use to teach ODK to clients, so I am feeling a dinosaur at this stage.

I am happy to pay ODK Cloud to help me do this but that would be the only assistance I would need I believe. Sorry that I am not seeing this kind of assistance on offer.

It sounds like you bought a server on DigitalOcean or some other cloud provider and are having trouble installing Central on that server. Is that correct? Where are the process are you stuck? Have you read through the documentation?

Yes I am on DigitalOcean and following the instructions on this link

Where I get stuck is in the final stage of installing central. It mentions that I should have received an email from DigitalOcean with the password to my server. I have not received any emails from them. I did set up the custom name servers as instructed. But no progress from there. I created a record, connected the IP address to the droplet

Not sure what I am doing wrong but I am plugging away. Hoping I find a solution.

If you haven't received an email from DO with your root password, you can contact their support team.

Yep. Done that thanks. Waiting on a reply. In the interim, is the ODK cloud service available for just one month? If this problem persists, I am going to need support to get me through this installation process and one trial data collection to make sure I understand the new process.

Yes, we have monthly subscriptions on ODK Cloud. Get started at

Done. but have not heard back. Not even an auto-reply How long is the wait time time usually?

Replies are usually within a few minutes.

I've looked into your specific request and it seems your domain's email server (@b...) doesn't reliably receive messages. That is likely the root of your problems with both DigitalOcean and ODK Cloud. You are receiving these emails from the forum because you are using your @g... address here.