Installing Enketo on Windows?

Hi all, How can I install Enketo for my windows Agg. server? the guide at is only for Ubuntu.


Hi Minilik,

The way to do this is to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10 (the W10 Creators Update ideally as WSL is rapidly being improved). You should then be able to use mostly the same commands as mentioned in the blog post you linked, but you'll likely encounter a few issues. I'm guessing getting two redis instances running might be the hardest thing (but just a guess).

Just out of curiosity, what is the reason you'd like to run this on Windows? Is this meant as a production server or for development?

I'd be interested in running this in on Windows 10 myself in the future (for development) so do let me know where you get stuck and I'll try to help.


P.S. At there is also the Enketo User forum:!forum/enketo-users, where you may be more likely to find others that have experience with this.

Hi people,
I am encountering the same issue while getting a survey ready which is supposed to be used in the field very soon.

Necessity! I am using the department's tablets and they are all based on Windows. I realized only recently that the platform basically runs on Android only, hence the desperate search for an alternative way to deploy my XLSForm.
Is it really so few people who are doing this on Windows? I kept looking for discussions in the user forum but windows systems dont seem to play a major role...

Many thanks for a brief feedback..

Hi @l.klinck,

I think there is some confusion here. @minilik was referring to installing an Enketo server on Windows (which is unusual and a bit painful, Linux is the most common for web servers).

Enketo is a web application, so it can be used on all platforms as long as it has a modern browser. So users with Windows tablets will be able to use Enketo on e.g. Edge or Chrome or Firefox. No need to install anything on those tablets (or laptops, phones, fridges etc).

I hope that clarifies things and that I didn't misunderstand.


@martijnr, thanks for the prompt reply and clarification - indeed I wasn't fully familiar with the issue yet. The Enketo web application does work on my browser now via the KoBo toolbox.

Hi @martijnr and other,

I re-open this topic.
I my environnement, for a specific subject, I am looking for to install EE on a Windows-Server (I haven't esaily a Linux Server - Very annoying because on linux the installation is very easy and fast).
So, on Windows npm install failed, also grunt.
I cannot enable WSL :frowning:

Do you know if anyone have already transpose the EE config files (package.json, Gruntfile.js and other ) from linux to Windows


Why not run it in an Ubuntu VM with Hyper-V or VirtualBox or VMWare?

Thank @yanokwa for your reply,
I am not sure I can start a nesteed virtualized env. (I will check) - I cannot start docker server - so small chance - in all case thank for this idea !
So I will do what is necessary to have a Linux server (my own problem).
Thank you !