Installing ODK Aggregate on a Google App Engine mac

Hello, I'm trying to install ODK aggregate on Google App Engine but i can't connect to to enter my name and the password.Thanks for your help.


First of all, your Aggregate server is working fine! you just need to log in with your username and default password is aggregate. You need to disallow anonymous access to your server. finally it is highly recommended to host your Aggregate on Digital ocean as you will get most updated features of ODK.

Hope this helps.

The problem is your use of a bogus hostname ("odk"). This would clearly not be able
to identify your host from, e.g., a random server in Google's cloud. Because the Google
sign-in needs to be able to identify your host, Google may be validating the hostname,
or, at the very least, Google will be redirecting back to this URL after the login
is complete.

Set up a free Dynamic DNS name to your host ( e.g., ).
Let me know if you cannot get it working when using a Dynamic DNS name.
And this may help you in Installing ODK Aggregate on a Google App Engine mac: