Installing ODK Aggregate

Someone should kindly assist me with a link to download ODK aggregate installer. I am trying to setup an ODK aggregate server.

Welcome the fourm, @murtala26! Start in the docs at and if you get stuck at any step, post which step you are stuck at.

Hey I am sure that this video will help you in installing Server.


Many thanks for the support.

Thank you so much for the video.

I have successfully created the project. My problem now is the command to activate cloud shell. How can you help me.
Thank you

pls at the point of uploading to ODK aggregate I always get a status message saying: Action failed or aborted by user. How do I fix that pls?

Restart your machine and try one more time .
I am sure that you will get success in this and if again you are getting this error ,at time of installation delete token and get token one more time .


Many thanks. It worked.

@iamnarendrasinghn thanks for sharing this video. It's helpful for the newbie I am. But do you have similar movie for installation on a postgres server (local server or a hosting plan)? I will appreciate to have another additional option to Google AppEngine. I try to read the official documentation ( but till now it is difficult for me to implement it. A video for guidance will be more suitable for me.

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