Installing OpenMapKit production server on DigitalOcean

Hi, dear all.
How do I install such a server on DigitalOcean.
Only the case of Amazon is decribed here, I think

The OMK community and the ODK community have some overlap (:wave: @danbjoseph), but they aren't the same project. Maybe file an issue at to get help on the server install.

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Thanks to you so much, @yanokwa.
I've just filled an issue at that link.

We don't have instructions specific to DigitalOcean; but it looks like Droplets are the DigitalOcean equivalent to AWS EC2? It should hopefully be similar (it's possible to setup an Ubuntu server on either service). If you try it out, can you let us know if there is anything different or special you have to do?

Ok, @danbjoseph.
I will let you after trying.