Interest in ODK integration

Hey folks, I'm new to the community but not the concept. We're building a platform called PhotosynQ, based out of Michigan State University, for collecting plant and soil health data. It uses sensors + survey data to enable anyone to answer local or global level questions about plants. The platform includes a server, mobile and chrome apps, and handheld sensors.

We've been talking and working with several other groups, including Fieldbook out of Kansas State, the Collaborative Crop Research Program, David Stearn, the folks at and others and others who are all trying to build or use similar data collection systems. All basically agree it'd be nice to contribute to a common code base to make development more efficient. ODK seems to be a good option for achieving this.

Obviously there's a lot of value in this, but because all of our use cases are different it's important to do due diligence to ensure ODK can serve all of the functionality needed.

So, we're interested in having a meeting to try to hash out what exists, what's possible, and what's not in terms of platform integration with ODK. I'm posting to the forum because, well, I don't know the ODK developers very well and this was the contact link on the website! If you're out there, shoot me an email or respond to this post -