Internal date stamp?

I've been given some data from Aggregate* that I've downloaded as CSV files and, sadly, there was no specific field created for the date the form was entered (an obvious oversight on the part of the person designing it). I was wondering if there might be an internal date stamp somewhere that I'm not seeing?

  • Note: I've done some designing in ODK (actually for this project), but I didn't do any of these.

If there isn't an obvious datestamp or date in the CSV, then there isn't one. If you have access to the server, you might be able to retrieve it.

Thanks for that, I was indeed able to go to the project's Aggregate page and by flipping the Display Metadata switch can now see the date/time stamp for the records.

Doesn't seem to want to Export the metadata though, I may end up having to do a boatload of transcribing. =(

Try exporting with Briefcase and you might have better luck.