Introduce yourself here!

Hello, my name is Eduardo Segatto, I'm from Brazil.
My english is basic so I'm using the translator to help, sorry.
I'm new to ODK and I'm using google drive.
I started using ODK in a (floristic) plant study, with 8 teams collecting field data in a simple form. This one worked.



My name is Pamela from Kenya and I am using ODK to collect data for my PhD work as well as now training farmers in the island nations of Madagascar, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius and Comoros on the use of ODK for monitoring of their honeybees.

In my spare time, I read fiction books and love catching up with R for its broad range of capabilities!



I'm Nasir from Pakistan, i'm using ODK Central for a client.


I'm Jay from the United States. I just graduated from college and just finished a sorting issue with the briefcase opensource project which uses ODK. Excited to work on other issues and to learn more about contributing to open source projects.


Hi all, my name is Robert Morton and I'm joining to contribute to the software development effort.

  • I'm based out of Seattle
  • I know Yaw and Hélène through my wife's PhD program
  • I'm just getting started with ODK, but I've been a big fan of open data sets for some time. My new Twitter handle is and my past data nerd life was @ TableauDataNerd
  • I'm on GitHub as

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Hello everyone,

This is Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga from Nigeria. You can track me on the LinkedIn, Facebook, and Skype using my full name and on twitter and instagram @okenl4j. I kinda like to be called Oken.

I have worked in nonprofit since 2011 as a data analyst. My current job roles involve Project Management of large scale mobile data collection and Management Information Systems of multiple platforms including customized DHIS2 and other client-level data collection tools.

I stumbled on ODK in 2017 because my job role demanded it and I have mastered XLSForm significantly.

Fun fact: I have a diploma in Agric Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics; Masters Degree in Biostatistics.

It is so goo to be here.


Hi All, Jeff in Australia,
I work in the biological control field throughout Australia and Asia and i manage the data we have accumulated over more than 30 years of research and many weed and pest projects.
My knowledge of computers is limited to "2-finger typing", but i know my data and i know what i need it to do. Nevertheless, i have found i can create a relatively complex ODK form that makes data entry in the field simpler and eliminates the necessity for double-entry - thanks ODK team!
Next, i will need to learn ODK-X so that data from specimens collected in the field can be integrated with data recorded on those same specimens in the lab.


Hi I am Thet Hnin from Myanmar. I am currently working for a social enterprise and heading Social Impact team. I am looking at different options of mobile data collection tools to use in impact surveys. I would like to test ODK Central, hence, can I get access to Sandbox installation?

Thet Hnin


Hi, I'm Tao Joly from France

I'm a student in stage in the Conservatory of natural space. I have for mission to create a form for inventory hydraulic works of "Lagunes Méditerranéenes".


My name is Jamal Sholan from Yemen, I'm a geologist with long experience in field works, seismic monitoring and natural hazard assessment. I would like to thank you for this platform and great opportunity for using available resources that connected to Geo point applications. Actually, I've heard about this application from my colleagues, so I'm ODK new user looking forward to using such app for simple survey and to help local community in the near future. Thanks again for your cooperation and support.
All best for all
Jamal Sholan
Dhamar, Yemen


Hi Everyone,
I am Washington Gbowoe from Liberia
I started working with the ODK since 2015 during the Ebola epidemic in my Country. Later, my NGO adopted the concept of using the ODK to collect CHW data. We initially customized the ODK collect to what we called "Liberia ODK" which has specifically used in Liberia up to date.
The ODK has been helpful to our programs since we introduced it for the first time among Community Health Workers in the Country and now it's at a scalable level in the entire country.
We use the ODK to collect and analyze data and make report to our donors.

I'm happy to be part of this amazing community.



Hi everyone,
My name is Sansani john, a MEAL Officer with Save the Children North East Nigeria. i am super excited to be part of this community. i trust i will learn lots and lots here.


My name is Dr. Vinti Agarwal and I work in India with a variety of nonprofit clients


Hola mi nombre es Joaquín Linares
Tengo 21, me graduare de ingeniero en sistemas en el 2020.
Me involucre con odk por la presa donde laboro así hacemos la captación de datos, al iniciar no conocía nada de odk pero me imaginé que como era de código abierto tendría una gran comunidad y es aquí donde estoy actualmente.

No estoy involucrado en algún proyecto con la comunidad de odk, pero hace un mes termine mi odk collect personalizado para la empresa donde laboro, tengo experiencia con Android, y más que nada con java.
Personalmente quiero trabajar en un odk collect web para que no solo del móvil se envíen los datos si no también de una PC.

Síganme en mi Twitter (@joa_code):


I'm Charlotte and I'm new to ODK. I'm using ODK for my PhD data collection in Togo (epidemiology) I'm hoping someone can help me with the starting problems I'm sure to experience!


Hey Everyone. Im Nothabo, based in Harare Zimbabwe. I just recently started using ODK collect for field research projects and im excited to learn all about it. thank you!


Hello Everyone, I am Gideon based in Vanuatu. I am a project officer and started using ODK collect since last year 2018, collecting field data. Just recently, I started learning to build ODK surveys and it will be interesting to learn about it more here with everyone.

Thank you very much.


Dear Nicolus,
Do you know about dhis 2 and let me share your experience if you knew about it. I would like to test construct the dhis 2 server. I want to link between the odk aggregated server and dhis 2. Although I have knowledge odk aggregated construction, haven't dhis 2 .

Best regards,
Kyaw Yar Zar Aung

I am afraid to say that I am not familiar with DHIS 2. Only experience in working for DHS data analysis projects.