Introduce yourself here!

I'm Charlotte and I'm new to ODK. I'm using ODK for my PhD data collection in Togo (epidemiology) I'm hoping someone can help me with the starting problems I'm sure to experience!


Hey Everyone. Im Nothabo, based in Harare Zimbabwe. I just recently started using ODK collect for field research projects and im excited to learn all about it. thank you!


Hello Everyone, I am Gideon based in Vanuatu. I am a project officer and started using ODK collect since last year 2018, collecting field data. Just recently, I started learning to build ODK surveys and it will be interesting to learn about it more here with everyone.

Thank you very much.


Dear Nicolus,
Do you know about dhis 2 and let me share your experience if you knew about it. I would like to test construct the dhis 2 server. I want to link between the odk aggregated server and dhis 2. Although I have knowledge odk aggregated construction, haven't dhis 2 .

Best regards,
Kyaw Yar Zar Aung

I am afraid to say that I am not familiar with DHIS 2. Only experience in working for DHS data analysis projects.

Hello everyone, I am Nana Ahenkan from Ghana, i am an IT expert, my job includes creating useful data and simple data collection tools to assist organisations and individuals to collect data. I love to teach hence I offer training to organisations and individuals to have full understand of everything IT and help them use technology to the benefit of such individuals and the community. I love driving and tour around interesting places

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Hello everyone. I am Hemant Yadav from India, currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science.
I was searching for organisations for GSoC 2020 and came across ODK. I liked its idea of data collection and how it collects data from remote part of the world which help to conduct surveys easily and accurately. I look forward to contribute as much as I can to this awesome organisation and become a part of this community.
Thank you.


Hello all,
I am Uche Ezema from Enugu, Nigeria. I've been using ODK to provide data solutions for health-related projects. Finding a way to optimize my form building brought me to this amazing forum. I've worked on immunization, disease surveillance, baseline and impact assessment project. Outside data, I love meeting people and watching football. I look forward to learning from the great minds here.



Victor from Uyo, Nigeria.

I'm new to ODK, it's quite an amazing tool for data collection. I'm planning to use it for my next project for the first time.

My twitter handle @victorgis, GitHub @victorgis, :grin:.

I'm a Geographer and GIS & Remote Sensing Analyst. I'm involved in NGO humanitarian activities too.

My fun fact is that soon, Geographic Information System will gain relevance in Uyo, Nigeria soon.


Hi All,
I am Sebs, I am working throughout southern Africa on water resources related jobs, including dam safety surveys, household surveys and many more. I have come across ODK as it is highly versatile and customizable, making it the ideal tool for any data collection task. I have been using ODK for the past few months and have found it to be absolutely brilliant. Kudos to the development team!

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Hi, I'm Nana Kwasi Appiah from Ghana-West Africa.
I have been using the ODK stack since 2015 and is a great set of tools for data collection and reporting.
I have been working on a lot of simple to complex projects using ODK in my current organization and ODK has always lived up to expectations, considering the great community and contributors such as @Grzesiek2010.
When I'm not building data collection tools using ODK and setting up aggregation/reporting platforms, I spend time fishing.


Hola a todos.
Mi nombre es Jormer de Colombia en el continente Sur Americano.
He venido trabajando con ODK SUITE en los últimos 8 meses en proyectos de recopilación de datos para el sector salud.
Aún soy un novato y espero seguir aprendiendo y contribuyendo en la comunidad.


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Hi, I'm Mallika from Telangana (INDIA).
I have started working on ODK recently for creating forms.



Hello everyone,
I am Eric Olsen from Abidjan, I am a new user of ODK collect; for the moment I am trying to understand how it works and I say thank you to the initiators and to all those who run this forum. I need your help to move forward with this wonderful tool that ODK collects.


Hello everyone!

I'm Vijay Karthick from India with an interest in ecology and conservation. I'm an early career researcher working in wildlife conservation sector. I've been using ODK for almost an year now.
We as a team have deployed ODK in the tropical rainforests of Western Ghats in India to study endangered and threatened fauna. The nightmare of data entry after a tiring day in the field is no longer there.
ODK has been really handy for field data collection and has really revolutionized the way data has been collected. THANKS to everyone who has made this forum a great place to learn and share.
Hoping to do the same with you all.
Please mail me at incase if you need any help..

Vijay Karthick


Hello ODK family,

My name is Miks from Latvia, usually, however, I am based in Papua New Guinea. I became interested in ODK 2 years ago, when I made my first form, and have run a number of research projects using this platform since. Usually projects that I work on relate to public service delivery. When not struggling to manage research teams, love to go for a dive.

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Hello All,

My name is Tanguy, am from France and currently based in Ghana, with quite a lot of data to collect in remote areas. I am not a tech guy, but rather focused on operations and management of teams deployed in the field. I am an absolute beginner on ODK (less than 72 hours experience)... so I may come with basic questions for the time being. I've been working in the microfinance sector since 1991, mostly in West Africa and in Central Asia.

Best !


My name is Seth Dapaah, am Ghana. I'm interested in writing odk scripts for different assignments. I have been using odk for the last three years and have used odk for several projects and assignments and hope to continue. I still have some issues sometimes that I may want to discuss with the general public.


Hello all, my name Gelar S. Ramdhani i'm from Indonesia. My daily activities as a dentist and also have a social movement in the environmental field, more precisely waste management. Are you interested to be friends with me?

Hello! My name is Julianna, and I'm happy to be joining the ODK community!

I first heard about ODK about ten years ago and have been fan from afar ever since. Recently, after 10+ years working in adult learning program development, management & evaluation, I've become interested in developing my technical & analytical skills and exploring how I can use them more in the future. I've been programming in Python for about a year - and loving it! :slight_smile: - and done some HTML/CSS and SQL as well. I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to get involved with an open source project using technology for social good, and ODK was a natural choice!

While I'm usually based in Vancouver, Canada, until May 2020 I'm based in Singapore, where I'm love visiting a new hawker centre every & trying all the tasty local foods and learning the stories behind them. My family background is Hungarian, Chinese and Greek. I never turn down fresh coconut. Happy to be here with you all!