Introduce yourself here!

Hello, I am Martha from from Uganda. Very much interested in programming in ODK. I am glad to meet you all.

  • Where you are typically based:

Brasília-DF, Brazil

  • How you got involved with the ODK community (ODK origin stories!)

Need to apply a sistematic data collection method to our biodiversity monitoring program.

  • What kinds of ODK projects you have been involved in

ODK-collect, ODK-XLSform

  • Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you

Twitter: @danilovcorrea
GitHub: danilovcorrea

  • Some of your favorite things to do outside of data collection!

Family life
Bicycle riding

  • [insert your own fun fact here]

I usually only get into communities when i need them :grimacing: so, i'll try to collaborate with i can :wink:


Hello world,

I'm a novice and need some help.

Hello all!
I'm Amruth, a Geospatial researcher with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore, India. I first came across ODK as part of a research project to conduct surveys in post-disaster analysis and relief.

We work in India with organisations like the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) and The Tamil Nadu Urban Sanitation Support Programme (TNUSSP) to collect ground/field data in issues such as the study of fecal waste generators/sanitation prospects as well as surveys of disaster (Floods and landslides) inflicted people of marginalized communities.

I also have a background in Remote Sensing and GIS (Master's) and work primarily on Cloud-based analytics and Geospatial Data Infrastructure.
In my free time, I'm jamming on my Fender electric guitar (trying to atleast) or Gaming.

Fun Fact: My city, Bengaluru (formerly, Bangalore) is the IT capital of India also called the Silicon Valley of India. The name dates back to the 12th century and is named after a humble bean.


Hi ODK community,
My name is Yash. I am a research assistant in the field of economics, and am currently working on a project. I only recently began using ODK tools, especially the XLSforms and Collect, so I am fairly inexperienced as far as the components and usage of it is concerned.

Am finally glad to be a part of this community, as it has helped me out of tough situations a couple of times already. I hope I can be of as much use to you as you have been to me so far.

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Hello all,

Been semi-lurking for the last few weeks. Based in the USA.
I originally used ODK in 2014 where I work. I designed the forms and did a few proof of concept demos for the team. We collected simple site surveys and inspections. Life was good. After about 2 years the forms were abandoned and we stopped using ODK :cry:

Advance to today... I am currently looking at the ODK-X platform to see if it will work as a piece of a work order management system. Just setting up the project has been enlightening.

I made a vagrant ODK-X project to quickly spin up the syn-endpoint-default-settings. It definitely helps with the experiments.

I work as a .NET developer, so would be happy to contribute where possible, but Java is not a language I use too often (not since the school days.)

If I'm not at the computer I am golfing.



Bonjour !!!
Je m'appelle Paul, je vis en Guinée (Conakry), actuellement assistant technique au compte d'un cabinet d'études et d'analyse.
J'ai découvert ODK par le biais d'un professeur à l'université qui m'avait associé dans un projet d'enquête. Depuis, je m'y suis initié et je l'adopte dans la plupart des enquêtes que je mène.
Je suis actuellement titulaire d'une licence en statistique et ambitionne de poursuivre vers un master dans le même champ bientôt.
Je suis passionné de la musique, du tennis et de voyages. D'ailleurs j'ai entamé mon projet de tour d'Afrique et je suis à mon septième pays visité. Il m'en reste encore (lol).


Hello.I'm Ibrahim Sani Dalhatu. I've been hearing people talk about odk for about 3yrs, however I just downloaded it today. I'm studying a manual our team lead sent,looking forward to solving people's data problem with it and contributing to this community.
Thank you


I am student of MS Computer Science at University of Balochistan, Quetta Pakistan.I am working on visualization of Polio Cases for better management of epidemic. Thats all about me.


Hello All,
My name is Kingsley. I am from Ghana and work in Ghana as Monitoring and Evaluation Person. I use XLS to design ODK and deploy on collect via kobo/google drive. Apart from data collection, I also design database, do data analysis and support in Public Health activities.


Hi @King_Wiredu nice to see you here. I shall be contacting you if i need any help in this regard

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Hi Everyone,

I am a demographer, based in Nigeria. I actually got to know about this community while surfing on the net for material and tutorials on ODK.
In the past, I have only been involved in data collection using ODK.
You can follow me on LinkedIn; David Okunlola.
Outside data collection, I love updating my knowledge on social and demographic research, watching movies, reading posts on Quora and LinkedIn as well as Twitter and Facebook. I do these on random basis.
I would love to have materials that will enable me hit the ground running on ODK.
Thanks for reading.


Hello everyone,
I am Kehabtimer from Ethiopia. I am highly interested in ODK for my research works. However, since I am beginner, I need some advanced commands and programmings such as setting a variable a unique identifier not to duplicate data entry. Thanks! Let us keep in touch...


Hi all. I'm Anna. I work for a small nonprofit organization. We are currently undertaking a project to streamline the data collection process by having our staff conduct client intake and manage client records with ODK.


Hi all,

My name's Ian and I'm usually based in Georgia, but I've spent the last decade all over the place. I first played around with ODK in Gaza in 2011-12, but have only recently started using it regularly.

I'm a enthusiastic but recent convert to Python, and I'm keen to figure out new and interesting ways to use my language of choice with ODK and XForms.


Hello, I'm Michelle Kline - I'm an Anthropologist/Psychologist and use ODK collect to do survey and interviews in the field. I've used ODK Collect for many years now, and because I work in locations with no internet quite often, I usually stick to the offline options.


Wow Martha,
It feels nice meeting a country-mate on this forum.You are most welcome aboard.

Hi everyone!

My name is Andrew. I am a student at the University of Washington.
I am excited to be here and help out!


Hello world,

I am Nuredin from Addis Ababa. I've been working in different data management related projects starting from 2012. I have configured on-premise and used Formhub and Kobo platforms previously. I have also participated in integrating Power BI with Kobo platform.

Now i am exploring ODK platform for health related project which focuses on collecting, and visualizing data from multiple health facilities. I am thinking ODK central is the way forward.

Thank you,


Thank you Allan. Nice to meet you.