Introduce yourself here!

Hello everyone
My name is Naomi. My main area of specialization is GIS. From time to time (in the past 4 years) I have used ODK in designing forms mostly for humanitarian data collection (I love doing humanitarian work). I am excited to be part of such a passionate group and I hope to support others where I can and also better my skills. I have also been developing my skills in R.


Hello Everyone!!

My name is Danny, am based in Beirut - Lebanon, I got involved in the ODK community when I joined united nation, they are already working multiple projects using ODK aggregate

We collect data to identify and help poor people to implement a safety net for the community

you cant reach me on twitter @danny777lr



Hello world!

This is Yann, French national currently based in Kigali as director of engineering for the non-profit One Acre Fund, whose mission is to improve East-African agricultural production by facilitating access to better inputs and credit.

Trying out ODK to see if this might fit some of our field staff in their interactions with our local farmers!

One of the things I've been trying to do is run ODK in a kubernetes cluster for simpler cloud-native operations... working reasonably well so far.


Hi I am a PhD student in applied economics at Cornell University. I started using ODK to implement a phone survey in Zambia for my adviser.
Outside of data collection and cleaning, I love dancing, travelling, befriending animals big and small, and listening to music.


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Hi! I am from the Philippines. I got involved in the ODK Community because we are developing a community-based monitoring system for our country and we chose odk as it can be used offline.

I am just a beginner in programming and this is my very first project. The ODK community is very helpful and I have learned a lot from you guys! Hoping to learn more from you. :slight_smile:

When I have my free time, I love to sing and watch movies :joy:



Hello everyone
My name is Guilhem, from France.
I am a data manager at the Mediterranean Botanical Conservatory, a naturalist organization specializing in French Mediterranean flora and vegetation. We have been using ODK for about 2 years for knowledge or conservation missions following advice from MathieuB .


Hi all!
I'm based in the Netherlands, working with the Red Cross focusing on information/data management during emergency response.
I have used Kobotoolbox for many projects in the last 5 years and am normally using it in combination with ODK Collect. Now also diving into ODK-X, but that is for another forum :slight_smile:


my name is cheikh Ndiaye from senegal. i am master student in china agricultural university. i am doing research in soil fertility with shrubs leaves. i am a


Hi all! I am new in ODK and currently residing on Manila, Philippines. I got involved with the ODK because this is what we needed on our company, I hope to learn more about this tool and explore it to help my company to build a survey.

I am also knowledgeable in java and php and now I am starting to like this Tool for another experience on my career. Thank you!


Hi, I am Francis! I live in Accra, Ghana and research is my passion.
I learnt about ODK in the past but I haven't used it for research myself before. However, in my current project, I am looking forward to using ODK in my data Collection.


Hi, I am Lawrence from Zambia but working in South Sudan.
I got involved in ODK for the first time during a Polio Vaccination Campaign. Been developing forms and host on google drive etc.
Been developing various forms and now I have developed much love for ODK.
I don't do publications but you can reach me at
During my free time, I look for solutions, I research on how best to improve what I do.
[Everyday is a classroom]

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Hi everyone,
I'm Elvis. I am based in Albania.
I discovered ODK around 8 years ago when my boss ask me at that time to switch from paper and pencil to CAPI. I did a bit a research and ODK was the best solution I found (and free so win/win). Before ODK I've been using CsPro for in office Data Entry. I have been using ODK for work since then and today I am still using it as part of my freelance projects. I offer companies, organisations or projects managers who want to conduct CAPI interviews my service (form building, hosting, technical support and database delivery). I really like working with ODK and I have felt the improvements over the years. I like to couple it with google sheets and the build a data studio report so the project coordinator will have an almost live situation of the quotas. Unfortunately there is no google sheets in ODK central so I am stuck with Aggregate until I find a way to do the same reporting thing with PowerBI.
Besides ODK, I work full time as Marketing and Advertising.


Hi all,

My name is Pencho and I am based in Denmark.

I currently work for UNOPS where we are building our data collection solution around ODK Collect & Central. I am relatively new to data collection but the more I learn about ODK, the more I like it.
Other than that, I am a seasoned any stack developer with preference for JavaScript and passion for Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform and everything DEVOPS.


Dear ODK community,

My name is Lupo, I am from Peru. I am an electronic engineer, specialized in mining projects and industrial process automation.
With ODK I am working on optimizing mining processes and facilitating logistics processes.

I'll enjoy to contribute in some dev for ODK Collect app.

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Welcome @Nitin_Srivastava , you can also checkout odk x.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jeanette, and I am from the USA but have been based in South Africa since 2015. I am an environmental engineer working in the sanitation sector. I have been using ODK on a number of research project I manage to help collect data mainly from schools and households. Many of these projects involve assessing technical capabilities and user experiences with different sanitation technologies. I have incredibly minimal experience with any sort of programming, so there has definitely been a steep learning curve for me in setting this all up!

During the COVID pandemic, I have gotten on board with baking sourdough and brewing beer, which have become delightful hobbies! I also enjoy getting out and hiking around beautiful South Africa as much as possible.


Hello Everyone!

My name is Muller, and I am from the Kenya but soon moving to US to pursue my masters education. I am a graduate from University of Nairobi(class of 2020) and currently working at Kenya Medical and Research Training Institute. I have been using ODK on a number of research surveys to help collect data mainly from health facilities. Many of these projects involve assessing patients satisfaction on different services offered to them at the various health facilities. I was introduced to ODK in October 2020 and so far it has been amazing experience and I am so glad to be here.

During the lockdown period due COVID pandemic, I have gotten on programming, which have become delightful and wonderful hobbies! I also enjoy playing and watching football. I am great fun of Manchester United.
My twitter handle @MullerTheGreat1


Hi everyone!

My name is Kathleen and I'm a software engineer in Santa Cruz, California in the US. I have started getting into the ODK Central codebase in the past week or so, and hope to make some meaningful contributions, fix bugs, help with new features, etc.

I've done a lot of work (academically and professionally) in the intersection of web development, app development, crowdsourcing, game design, human-computer interaction, and computer vision. In grad school, one of my projects was a game called PhotoCity for people to go out and photograph their school campuses and use those photos to automatically build 3D reconstructions of the buildings ( I also created the Feminist Hacker Barbie meme-generator website ( I enjoy making things that let other people make things!

I have known about ODK since my time at University of Washington and am looking forward to getting more involved!


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