Introduce yourself here!

Salut, je suis ANGE ELVIS ABA (Côte d'ivoire).
J'utilise ODK depuis 2015 et cet outil m'a été présenté par Tropical Data.


Hey there

Im from Georgia, i use ODK for commercial project, we are researching markets (Prices, product distribution, appearnce etc)
Software is good one, we use google sheets to collect all the date and then transform it to the reports we need, in the near future i plan to use wordpress as odk data, scenario is like this, im sending all the data in the google sheets and then connecting these datas with wordpress, so far im testing one plugin but looking for writing something custom :slight_smile:


I am Anibal Vivaceta de la Fuente, from Valparaíso, Chile. Currently teaching Public Health at Universidad de Valparaíso


Hi Everyone!

My name is Fran and I am based on the south coast of the UK in Lymington. I am a fisheries consultant and work all over the world, specialising in the management and monitoring of small scale fishing communities. My company is MacAlister Elliott and Partners:

I first got involved with the ODK community when I worked with FAO in Sierra Leone, training fishing community members how to collect data on their fish catches, using forms designed with ODK. I have also just returned from Western Ghana, having trained a group of young enumerators to collect fisheries data using mobile phones.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time training at CrossFit (a combination of gymnastics, conditioning and weight lifting) and also love hiking in the hills of the UK, camping and surfing along out south coast.

Happy to be part of this community!



Heya Amazing People!
I'm Srishti from India and am pursuing my major in communication engineering. I also work as the Student Manager with Internshala (world's largest internship platform) and hence I need to maintain a lot of database and circulate various (XLSForm) forms amongst the students. This is how I started to dive deep into the further usage of these forms and how they can be used with ODK Tools. And finally my curiosity lead me to explore the world of open source and Open Data Kit Community.
So, this was my ODK origin story!
Other things that I am passionately involved in are : community building , brand representation and also i have developed a direct digital synthesiser (DDS) using programmable system of chips (PSoC) to make education more accessible to underpriviledged people at very low costs and using very little power in remote areas.
These are the little ways in ehich I have been contributing to the society and ODK's vision inspires me to connect with it and immensely work on mobile data collection because i love to aggregate collected data, play with it and extract it in directly usable formats ! The reason I chose ODK for Outreachy is the fact that you guys have taken up a simple concept and used out-of-box ideas to expand and help in each and every field there is ! This means that I'll get an opportunity to explore, learn and impact extensively (gives me an adrenaline rush)
Hope to work with you and learn numerous exciting things!
Looking forward to connect with you all on LinkedIn


My name is Sidhra Ahmed. I am from Canada.I have graduated with a bachelors in Stats. Along the way I have picked up coding in R and C++. Have self-taught MySQL on my spare time. I am new to FOSS-I am eager to use my skills, further develop them, and make contributions to ODK.


My name is Busola. I am based in Nigeria. I got to know about the ODK in 2015, while I was doing my masters in Epidemiology. I used it to collect data. Currently, I am serving with an organisation where we need to collect data and I would be very pleased if I can set this up for my organisation. Outside of data collection, I enjoy reading, listening to music and dancing.


Hi there,

I am Edouard, IT specialist for the health sector in developing countries. I am currently working in Mozambique / Malawi with a humanitarian organization. I have been setting up few ODK collect project already and now immersing myself into the ODK2 world.




I am Jesse from Tanzania,I saw ODK community in the internet and being interested to learn it .

Thank you


Gombe is my user name, I am in Nigeria working in one of the national research institute, we have been using odk to collect data recurrently


Glad to hear that you are working in my country Bangladesh.


Hi All
My name is Patrick Masitsa a Kenyan 40 years old. I am an ODK and ONA user.
I am happy to join you guys.


Hi every one!!!....

My name is Saahid, I got interested in ODK when I was Surveillance Data Manager and living in Somalia, we were looking for better ways to collect data more efficiently in low bandwidth environments.

ODK-Collect as our mobile data collection tool which have been using since 2015 and introduced by Dr. Jama from Kenya who piloted mobile data collection using ODK for LQAS in Puntland - Somalia.

I've only recently had the opportunity to contribute translation of Somali language for ODK tool.


Hi All, I'm Fahmi from Jakarta, Indonesia
Actually, I know ODK years ago, but kinda going to use it for my current project for the first time now.
I might have so many question about it.
So, please bear with me :smiley:


Hello I am Billow Abdi from Nairobi Kenya. I am a researcher and I have been a frequent user of ODK platform for the past three years. I still use it and will continue doing the same. I first came across ODK in January 2015 through a workmate who asked me to help him author a questionnaire by posting questions on the label column and he would do the remaining job. After doing so, he gave me a link to follow for some help and through that I was able to do better than he expected of me. I like using ODK because I am satisfied of its ability to help in making data collection easy and efficient. Besides my daily work duties, I like watching documentaries and playing volleyball. My twitter handle is billowabdi. I am glad to join this community and I promise to respect the codes of conduct of the forum. Thanks all.


Hello everyone!

My name is Katarzyna and I am a QA from Poland. Actually, I am a biotechnologist but currently I am trying myself in computer science and I’ve just started my adventure with ODK.



Hi everyone
Im Richie. Im from Cameroon. Im a Network Associate. I heard of ODK from a friend of mine (@icemc). I've used ODK for personal data collection. My first encounter with these tools was awesome.



Hi! I'm Noel from Ireland, currently working in Jordan supporting humanitarian work in the Middle East and a few other countries. I am particularly interested the automation and scalability of data flow and hope to be able to make a contribution to the community in this area.

It's an honor to introduce myself to a group of interesting people, helping to build such an important tool. In Medair we have been using ODK based tools as the standard method of data collection and it is invaluable to our projects.

If you would like to know more about Medair's IM work in the Middle East or elsewhere just let me know!


Hi All,

Happy to be part of ODK,
Myself, Anup Krishna P, am an IT Professional with experience in System Analysis and design, currently working as Specialist in Management Information System for Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala in India.
We have piloted ODK in Deputy Director of Panchayat Office-Thrissur, Kerala for GPS based mapping of all Local Government Bodies in the district. The pilot was successfully completed in a week's time and we are really amazed by the functionality and adaptability of Open Data Kit. We take this opportunity to thank all persons involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of ODK.

Anup Krishna P


Hello ODK peeps!

I'm Evan, I'm from the beautiful place of Philippines! :slightly_smiling_face: I got involved in the community when I started also working with a project using ODK.

at first I just read and read all the necessary tutorials to know more about ODK. Its quite fun when I used ODK as a tool in a (paper less) surveys.

Thanks for this forum I've met people who uses ODK too. :slight_smile: