Introduce yourself here!

Hello worl,
I am Denis Wane, from Cameroon and am in 4th year Software Engineer
I am a volunteer for more organisation like Mozilla (1year), MTN Cameroon Foundation ( 7 months) and ODK (2 months).
I started contributing to ODK Collect's source code as a Android developper to open source community in February. I will work on improving the UI/UX, backend and others tasks of the app in this summer as a part of GSoC programme.

I am very open and I learn quickly. I like to manipulate data especially for experienced economic intelligence or to set up tools that help in decision making.
With over 3 years of experience in Android Development, I think I can give the best of myself and also help anyone in this forum.
Be free to contact me on the RS:

Twitter: denis_wane
Facebook: denis wane
github: wanedenis

Hoping to discuss all the cool ideas according to Android and many others about software engineering in this forum soon...


Welcome to ODK. Looking forward to your PRs


Hi all,
My name is William from Zambia.I work for a public health institute.I started using ODK in 2013 after a colleague introduced me to it.I have since used it to design and collect data on a number of research projects.
In my spare time i love to travel,sports and motorbikes.
Funfact:I enjoy doing what i do but if Motogp was serious in African ,i would have been a


Hi everyone, my name is Nestor i work in Nicaragua for an United Nations agency (World Food Programme) we are working with our counterparts (government) in the deployment of great tools to collect data from different parts of the country. After several investigations (google and friends recommendatios) i found ODK and i start using it as a pilot (like a test enviroment) with google and a local server.

Now we have better understanding of the software (linux and all the packages) and we have deploy a virtual server to collect data in real time from differents parts of the country and we have had good results so far. We are collecting geographic data and info about the beneficiaries of the project.

My twitter and github is dante4U/nestor.lopez

Outside data collecting i am a software developer and database administrator, i love everything about informatics, i spend at least 1 hour of my day reading about news of IT suchs as new virus, new software, updates of microsoft,tips of everything, IoT, etc.

One fun fact could be the newest ODK server, we configure and deploy a server to collecting data and after 35 minutes the server was down, we dont know what was happen, we had 150 people sending their data and our server went down. After a lot of cup of coffee and redbulls we figure it ou that we never changed the 512MB of RAM by default :frowning: so it was a rookie error (my bad) after making the change server went alive again (lucky me) :smiley:




Hello all,

I am Dedrick Kitamuka, computer scientist based in DR Congo.
My previous job gave me the opportunity of using ODK to collect data about health survey to support the ministry of health. I spent more time in using ODK (Configuring ODK collect, Building forms, managing a little bit ODK aggregate, using ODK briefcase), but I was not registered to the forum.
I am a software developper, so I spend the most part of my day in developping IT solutions and I am involved in many projects but most of them are private at bitbucket, here is my github profil


Hi Everyone,

I am based in San Francisco, but currently have projects in Liberia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and DR Congo.

I use ODK for face-to-face surveys in the field (in combination with Maps.Me so that I can send enumerators to specific locations using KML files and the GPS on their smartphones). I also use ODK for phone surveys that I conduct for UNHCR and World Bank to monitor the welfare of returned refugees and IDPs in Afghanistan.

At the moment, I am starting a small pay-as-you-go community solar company in Liberia. I plan to build all of the business ops on top of ODK -- everything to manage the sales process, accounting, and customer information. I'm running into a few roadblocks... but I think ODK will give me more control over the data than using a CRM or some other platform.

I started using ODK for a survey in Mogadishu in 2011 while I was finishing my PhD at Stanford. The past few years I've been using ODK through, but I am excited to transition back to ODK Aggregate.

You can find me on Twitter: @nlidow

Outside of data collection I enjoy big wave surfing.



Hi everyone!

I live in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and I'm an Android Developer in a software outsourcing company and freelancer.

I was looking for a open source project to contribute with a social reason behind, and I'm glad to find out this one. I'm starting to get involved with collect app.

You can find me at internet as @brunoguic in all most social medias.

When I'm not coding, probably I'm with my friends or with my girlfriend. Lately I'm getting cooking class by internet, and I'm still a disaster. But I can teach you how to do a great Caipirinha!



Hi everyone, I am Adebola Adenekan. I am from Nigeria and live in Kaduna. I have heard about ODK from friends but was tasked earlier this week to use it for a waste audit. I have yet to 'take off'as its proving really difficult. I have been trying to create the Excel form but it comes up with ''Error: Can't convert 'bytes' object to str implicitly". Its a pity I cannot drop a copy of the excel file so I can get corrections.
Please I need help urgently, otherwise I lose the job!!


Hello ODK community,

I'm using ODK for the first time and have found the user-guidelines relevant and helpful.

I'll be asking a few questions moving forward.

Thanks for what you do,

John Frias


Hello there!
Myself Ravi Mittal I'm doing my under graduation in Computer Science contributing and developing open source software is my passion. Recently, through GSOC I have come to know about Open Data Kit and looking forward to further develop and contribute to odk.


My name is Emmnauel Adjei-Addo, a certified PMP and an M&E Consultant based in Ghana. I have interest in statistical data analysis using SPSS, Stata EVIEWS etc., form designs (for ODK platform and other offline data collection platforms. Currently working with the UN WFP as M&E Consultant. Had also worked with AERC in Kenya as a Project Data Analyst. I started using ODK in 2014 whilst working with the AERC as a Data Analyst for data collection. This days, I design, build deploy and support mobile data collection systems using ODK.


I'm Mathew from Cameroon doing MSc Public Health for Eye Care with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where I got to learn about ODK in one of our courses (Skills for Field Projects).
I work with the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute, a project of Africa Eye Foundation based in Geneva.
You can get me on Twitter and LinkedIn

Although I'm yet to explore all the other functionalities, I found ODK very interesting during our sessions on building forms for data collection.
I intend to use ODK collect for my summer project on "improving waiting time and patient satisfaction in a hospital setting in Sub Saharan Africa". It's gonna be interesting.
Looking forward to getting the most out of this forum

My career is one really very amazing thing. From BSc in Economics to post graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship and Project management and finally to Eye care.


Hello, am Rupiny Eric from Uganda. I got to know about ODK around December of 2017 when my brother asked me to learn about it so as to use it design questionnaires for him. Coming from a computing programming background and also having that interest of knowing all tech news and stuff, i wondered what this 'ODK' was!?
Any ways, at first all was a little complex but as they say, "practice makes perfect", i got to know lots of features and understand incredible functions ODK has to offer.
I officially started to use it design questionnaires (to be used for agricultural data analysis) like 5 days ago. Well, i did run into some problems but then i bumped into this forum and it really helped me a lot and all is going smoothly.
I do love humming to my favorite music when not coding or being ODK-nish. My twitter handle is @thenewt49 and github is @coderscoven.


Hello My New Friends,

Below is my introduction to this community. I'm so delighted to share in the opportunities and lessons learned, as we collaborate in the development and deployment of this important digital tool set.

  • Home Base: North Florida, USA

  • ODK Origins Story: I came to learn about ODK (by way of the SMAP Server) through extensive research about the offline field data collection options that may be available, technologically approachable, and cost-effective for a project on which I am working. OpenRosa / ODK and its ecosystem seem like the perfect fit for my current needs and I look forward to seeing where I can go with it in my local community.

  • ODK Projects: My current, first, and thus far only, ODK project is the digitization of several field-based forms for the Community Weatherization Coalition (CWC). The CWC is a grassroots coalition of citizens, religious leaders, and NGOs focused on improving the lives and reducing the utility bill burden of low income households through home energy and water efficiency education, volunteer work projects, and community-building. I am an Executive Board member of the CWC and I'm working toward streamlining the field data collection, the client engagement, and the data analysis workflows for our organization. Our volunteer "Home Energy Coaches" are trained to provide free, field-based "Home Energy Tune-Ups" for our clients. I am also an academic researcher and college lecturer. Students in my current class (Spring 2018) are assisting with the ODK based digitization process for our CWC workflows.

  • Follow me at:

  • Favorite Activities: I'm a lover of family, friends, food, and fractals. I enjoy cooking, photography, videography, music, cycling, camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors.

  • Fun Fact: I know "I am that" and I feel deeply compelled to live with open hands, heart, and mind as I come to know my place and purpose in the endless unfolding of our shared world. My existence is an irreconcilable juxtaposition of science/reason and spirit/intuition. Thus, I dwell with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground as I walk with mindful compassion.



Hi Everyone,

I'm from Ghana :ghana:: where I suspect Yaw Anokwa originate from precisely Kumasi, I have been using the Formhub platform for some time now. Through the power of ODK and research, about six community health centers and portal pipe borne water have been built in the Atwima Nwabiagya District of Ghana for the past three to six years.

I have always dreamt of joining a community platform like ODK Forum but I only got the keys when I had a problem with my date field. I began searching for answers and then I discovered a well written solution for my problem. Later, I decided to find out how to join the platform only to discover that Yaw and his wonderful team of expert started OKD changing how community research is done in deprived communities. I am hoping to contribute to the discussion on the forum and learn from the expert here. Yaw, when will you carry-on your bags that holds all the possessions to Ghana :ghana:?.

Please come and enjoy the local food (banku and okro soup, Fufuo……etc ) I think the local folks in the communities will be happy to see the man behind OKD?

Hoping to learn all the cool ideas from the experts.


I am a new member. I work for an IT company and sometimes things just aren't simple. I found ODK in my search for a potential tool that will provide an easy method for Project Managers to create hardware lists and engineers to request quantities for that hardware. I have not found a solution to purchase and the simplistic one created has been outgrown by the business. I am hoping to find some guidance here.


Greetings everyone,
I'm Kaush from Sri Lanka. And I'm a research associate at the Institute for Research and Development, Colombo (

I got involved with ODK in 2013 when a colleague of mine who had heard of ODK asked if I could help him digitise his research questionnaire booklet for his fellowship. My background is in medicine, so I've got no coding experience, and ODK proved to be really easy to use. Unfortunately following that project I have not used ODK again until now.
I'm currently leading a study on adolescent mental health and substance use in a post conflict setting in Sri Lanka, and we are planning on using ODK to collect the data.

I'm happy to be apart of this community.
And will try to be a productive member.

Cheers everyone.


My name is Ezra N Muchibwa, and i am Survey/GIS consultant based in Gaborone, Botswana.I am a new to ODK. I do work with organisation that maps the spatial distribution of diseases and i am also involved in mapping reticulation assets.So I will be using ODK for mapping all these components.


Hello everyone,

Saral here from Nepal. I am a newbie and am only getting started on the ODK yatra (Journey). To be honest I have no clue what I am going to find in here and what the scope of ODK is. I am stepping into the unknown.

How did I get here?

One of my friend needed to get his questionnaire digitized and he asked for my help. Now I had never done any such digitization prior to this, but I agreed to help. And so I looked for info on how to get it done. I first used the form builder to build a questionnaire. But then I exported it as an xls file and saw that I could have done all of the building from within my excel and faster. And so I proceeded to making the entire questionnaire again on excel. As I got deeper into the questionnaire, various questions arose. I tackled those questions by searching. The more I searched, the deeper I got. More challenging questions popped up and I tried logically solving those.
When I could not solve an issue that arose- I posted a question here on ODK community. And that's how I got here.

I am looking to learn more and enrich my experience here at ODK.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I'm Patrick, an epidemiologist from Ireland and based out of London.
I started working with ODK in an NGO in South Africa and later while working for Dimagi, the creators of CommCare, as a field manager based in Senegal.
I have been involved in maternal and child health ODK-based projects primarily in West Africa!
Outside of data collection, I love playing squash and Scottish ceilidh dancing :slight_smile:
Glad to join this community!