Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone!

I'm Adam Michael Wood. I'm a technical writer and developer.
I was hired about a month ago by Nafundi to manage and write documentation for ODK.

I've been dipping my toe in the water with that project as I've finished up another assignment,
and will be devoting a lot of time to ODK Docs starting in the next week or two.

About me:

  • I live in Berkeley CA.
  • I write developer and user docs for a living, and I also do some Python coding.
  • I have a wife and two kids.
  • I live at an Anglican seminary (my wife is a student), and I'm a church musician when I get the chance to be.

About docs:

  • I've started a new docs repo on Github.
  • It is very bare at the moment, but stuff is coming.
  • If you are interested in contributing, please let me know.
  • More details to come.