Introduce yourself here!

Hi all!

I've been a user and implementer of Mobile Data Collection solutions for 5 years now in CartONG , a french Humanitarian to Humanitarian NGO specialised in supporting humanitarian and development actors on information management tools, methodologies and practices (read more about us and our associate project here if you are interested:, that's been using ODK-based solutions for 10 years now.
I've not been very active here in this forum but I do what I can when I can to promote the use of open source MDC tools and produce and share documentation on the topic to make it more accessible.
I'm half french half irish and live in the french Alps (Chambéry, where CartONG is based) and my main occupation besides my work when I'm not giving trainings somewhere or other is hiking and renovating the old farmhouse I live in.



Hi everyone! My name is Allison and I work as a Consultant for Foundations and NGOs throughout the world, and mainly throughout Asia. I'm based in Thailand, and I travel between SE Asia, the US and France on a regular basis. I'm passionate about projects and initiatives that improve quality of life for individuals, communities and societies.

I'm very interested to learn how to use ODK for my work with humanitarian orgs, thanks in advance for your help!


Hello, I am new to ODK and looking to learn as much as possible in order to use the tools to run a mobile survey in Tanzania.



Hi, I'm Phillip Kigenyi.
I am based in Uganda

I love writing code and learning new things
I work as a software engineer for Outbox

I am currently rebuilding a software application called GetIn and hope to use ODK tools and code.

Fun fact: I am a music fanatic. I play guitar and recorder, also do amateur music production


My name is Purity from Kenya. I am a market researcher involved in various projects and uses ODK for data collection. I got involved with the ODK in 2017 but I joined the community just recently.


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Hello World, I'm called Jada Jacob, I'm working with Reach South Sudan as Field Officer on Population Movement and Returns previously as a researcher at Forcier consulting SSD, I have been using ODK for our projects it has been success, and I would love to learn more on ODK.


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You are most welcome sir. Here to support each other, feel free in case any issues arises



Hi, I am Chelci an ODK newbie and a Research Entomologist based in London at LSHTM designing large scale international field trials for vector control and public health across Asia, the Americas and Africa.

I'm hoping to learn more about ODK and how we can streamline our data handling.


Hi, my name is Wellington, I'm 26 years old and I'm a programming enthusiast.
I work at Claro SA / Brazil. My involvement with odk is taking place through a working friend who will use it for polling.
I love to program, but I love even more being able to rest a place that has a lot of green.


Hi there, my name is Paul Amuta. I'm a Veterinary Doctor who's into Epidemiology. I've lived most of my life in Nigeria and am currently doing some research on milk production.

I got introduced to ODK through a colleague because I desperately need a tool like ODK to move forward with my research. However, I'm finding it quite complicated to understand how to get around it.

I hope to understand things better and begin using it effectively.


Hi I am Paul from Malaysia (Vet Epidemiology) and will be happy to assist.


Thank you very much namesake! I will be in touch as soon as I need help.

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Hi Everyone,

I am Janita, based in the Netherlands and I am using ODK for Monitoring and Evaluation Purposes of our (Child) Development Projects abroad. I am looking forward to familiarizing myself more with ODK and applying it more and more in my work as PMEL Coordinator.


Hi there!

I am Christopher, a current junior student based at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.

I got to know ODK as I was browsing for organizations at the GSoC website. I want to familiarize myself with the industry and get myself prepared for GSoC 2020.

Actually I am not a CS major but after a two-month summer session at UC Berkeley I kind of find software engineering interesting and want to delve deeper into this area. Although I did a few course projects but I still perceive myself technically at the starter level. I'm hoping to learn a great deal from you!

Fun fact: I come from China but I enjoy English Calligraphy.


Hi all,

I'm a postgraduate student about to conduct an internship in South East Asia assisting to improve their data-collection processes and naturally ODK came up as a strong option.

I am an absolute rookie in ODK and hopefully soon I will have a vague idea how to set it up and then a touch later have an even better idea to be confident to use it

I look forward to connecting with everyone and learning more about ODK with everyone



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Where you are typically based: Greenville, South Carolina, USA since May 2019
How you got involved with the ODK community (ODK origin stories!): taking course in drawing and illustrating natural science, insects, birds, plants, trees
What kinds of ODK projects you have been involved in: none, first time user
Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you: @davidr46 on twitter
Some of your favorite things to do outside of data collection!: read, draw, explore my new property.
[insert your own fun fact here]: Played football for Purdue University in 1967....Studied Forestry, write poetry


Hi everyonee,
I am based out of Hyderabad, India. I am a software developer working for ThoughtWorks. I was looking ahead for some open source contributions and I liked the ODKs ideology. I am yet to start my contributions.