Introduce yourself here!

Hi, I am Karana,
I am a freelance consultant specializing in conflict management

I bounce around west and central Africa but am based in Côte d'Ivoire.

I first got involved in ODK when I promised to conduct a field assessment and stumbled across this platform. I am self-taught and have been using ODK for about 4 years now - a total of maybe 10 large-scale data collection exercises usually in conflict zones and centered around household surveys of the main conflict issues affected a community or refugee camp.

I have web site but it is fairly dead. Need to reanimate it on another platform since Weebly is no long accessible in Côte d'Ivoire.

I love ODK for its simplicity in design but I have been looking to learn more about the recent updates and looking to find out more how to use it via SMS


Je suis sénégalais ! Je me nomme Hyacinthe Diatta, je suis sociologue, spécialiste des Politiques Publiques, Culturelles et Développements. J'ai pris connaissance de ODK Forum à partir de son outil de collecte de données. Je compte sur votre aide pour réussir mon intégration au sein cette communauté.


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My name is Matthew and I am based out of Dayton Ohio. I am working on a project to help eliminate paper usage at my company. I am excited to learn from this community.


Hi, Iam Rosario Dilo, Iam From Angola, Iam a Geographic Engeener.
Now iam more interested in using Odk because i see its potenciality.


Hello, I'm Jackson from Tanzania Eastern Part of Africa, and am still a student at University of Dar es salaam where am taking a Bachelor of STATISTICS and panapo majaaliwa(if God wish) next year am going to Graduate.

I love to communicatin with many people as many as I can in whole over part of the world, basically with the same purposes that is Learning new things everyday.

Also I'm not well in this But I hope have got a really family who will help me to understand each and everything when it reach time I ask for help Please my fellow Community members Do not Ignore me.

That is all about and lastly let me WELCOME ALL MEMBERS TO VISIT TANZANIA one times if Our Lord Bless us.

Thanks so much for this Gold and Blessing CHANCE
This is Jackson


Hi out there

I´m Danny working as GIS professionel, drone pilot, python programmer, IoT ninja and open source backer. I work in the municipal sector in Denmark. I´ve used ODK some years ago and started focusing on it once again. My aim is to build a setup that connects to a postgres database. Finally the users will be able to see the collected data and photos within QGIS and on a web-based map service. If accomplished we will do a Danish language package for the app and do our best to distribute this great product. Thank you for this.

  • Danny

I read Danish. I would be interested in hearing more about your project and what the municipality hopes to do with it. I have been working governance at the city level in West Africa and see IDK as a great tool for data collection (I use it a lot).


Hello i am shubham raj , 2nd year undergraduate student at indian institute of information technology Agartala . I am interested in contributing to open data kit android applications and other software services .


Good Morning!
My name is Derrick and I'm an ESRI S123 user (for an Engineering & Surveying firm). I joined this community because there's some unsupported functionality in the S123 web forms that are not documented on the ESRI support site and I'd like to learn a little bit more about how to use them.


I am Vasili the IT Administrator guy on IDRA company. We use ODK to do research with tablets

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Hello Everyone,

I am Jumai Muhammed from Nigeria.

I am interested in evaluating if ODK either version 1 or 2 would be suitable for me to use on a new project that involves high level trace-ability on an agricultural projectso I would be reaching out for help and assistance quite a bit.

I am quite familiar with the use of other tools and also deeply involved in data analysis using Power BI, Google Sheets and Tableau.


I work with WWF International and based in Nairobi. I got interested in ODK because of its simple nature, and ability to collaborate with others. I am an M&E expert.

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Hi dears,

I am Han Lin and beginner user for KOBO Toolbox website and application. I am learning the development of xlsx form for KOBO Toolbox application.

Han Lin

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Hello, my name is Eduardo Segatto, I'm from Brazil.
My english is basic so I'm using the translator to help, sorry.
I'm new to ODK and I'm using google drive.
I started using ODK in a (floristic) plant study, with 8 teams collecting field data in a simple form. This one worked.



My name is Pamela from Kenya and I am using ODK to collect data for my PhD work as well as now training farmers in the island nations of Madagascar, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius and Comoros on the use of ODK for monitoring of their honeybees.

In my spare time, I read fiction books and love catching up with R for its broad range of capabilities!



I'm Nasir from Pakistan, i'm using ODK Central for a client.


I'm Jay from the United States. I just graduated from college and just finished a sorting issue with the briefcase opensource project which uses ODK. Excited to work on other issues and to learn more about contributing to open source projects.


Hi all, my name is Robert Morton and I'm joining to contribute to the software development effort.

  • I'm based out of Seattle
  • I know Yaw and Hélène through my wife's PhD program
  • I'm just getting started with ODK, but I've been a big fan of open data sets for some time. My new Twitter handle is and my past data nerd life was @ TableauDataNerd
  • I'm on GitHub as

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