Invitation to tender bids : ODK Audit trail

Dear Developers

The LSHTM Open Research Kits project provides platforms to support global health research through the implementation of technological solutions to data collection and making for epidemiological, clinical research and social sciences studies that aim to improve health worldwide. Much of our work is based around the use of software tools that support the ODK/OpenRosa/XForms format and we have used Open Data Kit extensively in our work to date. Many of our users wish to utilise ODK tools in clinical trials that meet international Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations and standards as summarised here. ODK has some capacity to audit data entry, but we have identified the need for a more complete solution to tracking changes made to forms in ODK and other related data entry tools such as Enketo via Kobo Toolbox. With a view to developing a GCP compliant solution to audit trail in ODK, we are inviting developers who are familiar with the ODK/OpenRosa/Enketo ecosystem to tender bids for a contract to complete this work.

Bids can only be accepted from individuals or companies that are fully registered as businesses for tax purposes. Interested parties should send a quote for the work, along with a summary of their approach, professional CV, business name, address, contact details and registration number. Applicants should also include a brief biography outlining their relevant qualifications and experience with coding for OpenRosa/ODK/Enketo. Due to our pressing need to implement these tools in trials that will take place during ongoing epidemics of potentially global health importance, we will consider timely delivery a key factor in choosing a partner with whom to work on this project. All bids should therefore provide a realistic estimate of delivery dates. Please send me a personal message if you intend to submit a bit and I will provide you with an email address to which to address your submission.

The closing date is 2018-03-22 00:00 UTC

Yours faithfully,
Dr Chrissy h. Roberts
Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Research
LSHTM Open Research Kits
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Keppel St, London. UK. WC1E 7HT


  • Extend ODK Collect's audit feature to write every value change to a log.
    • It should be possible to enable and disable this feature through changes to form design.
    • If enabled, the system should add a new event called ‘value change’ to the form audit log.
    • All ‘value change’ events should have both node and timestamp columns
    • All ‘value change’ events will also have a new column called ‘old_value’ or similar
    • All ‘value change’ events will also have a new column called ‘new_value’ or similar
    • All ‘value change’ events will also have a new column which can be populated with custom data, for instance a user name gathered in an earlier question.
    • Every value that is changed (on swipe/next) will be written to this log
    • Any change should trigger either a dialog, snackbar, relevant flag or similar means to allow capture of the name of the person who made the change. The ability to collect this information is crucial to GCP monitors, but would not be needed by all users, so feature should be able to be turned on using a column in settings page.
    • If form is encrypted, then the log should also be encrypted
  • The developer should file the work as a feature request on the ODK forum and work with the ODK developer community to ensure that the developed outputs are compatible with the guidelines, community standards and governance needs of the ODK Technical Steering Committee.
  • Submit and iterate on pull requests until code is merged into core codebases
  • ODK XForms: Document changes to XForms specification
  • pyxform: Enable conversion of XLSForm with agreed upon syntax
  • Changes to ODK Collect: Log every value change
  • Changes to ODK Aggregate: Display results in web user interface
  • Changes to ODK Docs: Document user facing changes to ODK Collect
  • Code must be released under an Apache license
  • Any changes should be compatible with Enketo Smart Paper deployed via Kobo Toolbox

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