Is anyone using the "uiVersion" attribute in a form definition?

Is anyone using the "uiVersion" attribute in their form definitions?

··· * The Build and XLSForm tools never supported this attribute.* * You would have had to hand-craft your forms or taken extra steps to use this attribute. * Prior to reaching agreement on the OpenRosa standard this fall, ODK Aggregate implemented handling of a "uiVersion" attribute and "version" attribute in a form definition; the agreed-upon OpenRosa standard removed the "uiVersion" attribute and changed the "version" attribute to be a string value.

We would like to deprecate and re-purpose the uiVersion attribute in the
next ODK Aggregate release and want to gauge the user impact.
This next release will still be restricting "version" to be an integer
value and so will not be 100% OpenRosa compliant.

If you are using uiVersion currently, the changes we will make would break
your forms and will complicate your upgrade path to the new ODK Aggregate

Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington