Is it possible to send copies of the finalized forms to be saved in sharepoint

Using my own spaces to send copy of the collected data

Can you please explain a bit more about your use-case?

  • Do you need a backup of the data?
  • Do you need to share the data with someone?
  • Do you need the data in SharePoint to connect it to a visualization tool?
  • Something else?

Also, can you please confirm if you are using Aggregate or Central?

Hi, thanks a lot for your support, I used ODK/ONA for collecting community feedback/complaints, some feedback requires the intervention of different program teams so we need to refer the cases to the relevant program teams. Currently, I do need to download the (ongoing submissions) every day and do the referral manually because the referee persons do not have access to our ONA account.

Unfortunately I'm not sure what options ONA has for connecting to other tools. For ONA you will need to reach out to them on their help platforms at

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