Is there limitation to number of counts in a repeat question?


We are working on project which requires daily entry. We need to create a questionnaire to enter details for 6 months (approx.180 days), that means 180 loops. Can we have large count number for repeat in such condition?


Hi @Aline_Kullu

as I know there is no limit for for repeats as long as you don't add it on your own. I'm sure 180 is possible.

Hi @Aline_Kullu
As far as I am concerned there is no limit.


While there is no hard coded limit, I'd encourage you to test on your device because I don't know of a lot of users with that many repeats.

Also, repeats aren't always a good idea. We have a note at which discusses some of the tradeoffs. I'd encourage you to read through that. I don't know the details of your project, but my guess is that it might be easier to have a daily form.

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Thank you so much.
We will try to implement in our device, hope it works. :slight_smile: