Issue with triggers and if calculation

Hi everyone!

I am developing an ODK XLS form about some food distribution points to be checked during monitoring field visits.
I am trying to add some calculations for some questions with four choices (Good, to improve, bad, no info). Those questions are related to beneficiaries' presence at the site. So when there are no beneficiaries, those questions should answer automatically as (no info).
I used the following calculation:


However, this calculation affects the form, when I put a number larger than 0 the questions are not filled and the form refused to be finalized.
I put some triggers for calculations but I do not know why it is not working for some questions that are not in the same group.

Obviously, I am new to the ODK XLS forms! :sweat_smile:

Any recommendations or advice?

Please find below the file:
test_bene.xlsx (15.2 KB)

I think you may be able to put a
relevant = ${Quick_visit_only_Ho_neficiaries_observed}>0
and a use default to make the "no info" the selected option
(and remove the calculation and trigger).

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Many thanks for your advice and support! I really appreciate that! :raised_hands:
Yet unfortunately, I do not want to keep the default answers as "no info" when I answer "how many beneficiaries observed" with a number larger than 0... I am doing that kind of calculation to reduce the data cleaning to the minimum possible, and in this case I am afraid this will increase the possibility of unintended mistakes.

Do you need to fill in the answer? If "no info" is just when the # of people is 0, then I think you might just use relevance to skip those questions. In your data analysis you can look at the total number of submissions and then the number of submission with people>0. If the question is required, you know a blank is that the question was not relevant (automatically skipped), not skipped by the respondent for another reason.

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Thank you for your suggested solution. I will apply and work on it until we found a solution to run the trigger even if it is not in the same group that followed the question referenced in the trigger column since I need to keep the question appears in case we need to fill it in with options other than "no info".
Appreciate your kind support! :slight_smile: