Itemsets/cascading selection and new tools ODK/KoBo

Hi all,

I dont post often but many of you may know that our team has been
heavily using digital data collection in places like the Central
african Republic, northern Uganda, or Liberia. We use KoBoCollect,
which is our implementation of ODK, and a series of related tools
(check out )

We just released a new version of our tools that supports itemsets /
cascading selection (i.e. answer to one question is used to filter the
available options for the next question) - It is supported both by
KoBoCollect and our new formbuilder (KoBoForm) which is available for
download or online (

All this has been tested, but it would be great to have more reports
and comments!

(Brough to you thanks to - alphabetically - John Etherton, Neil
Hendrick, Tino Kreutzer and Phuong Pham :slight_smile: )