[javarosa-developers] OpenRosa on iPhone

looks like a good start on an openrosa-compatible (and thus
odk-compatible) iphone client.

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I've been following the JavaRosa project for a while and thought some
of the developers here would be interested in ocRosa, which I've
written as an iOS/Objective-C counterpart to JavaRosa. I'm hoping
this will be a good opportunity to increase the adoption of
OpenRosa-based standards and tools (and decrease the dependency on
'dead trees' for data collection).

This project is divided into an iOS static library (ocRosa) that
provides the underlying XForms functionality and a 'reference' iPhone
app (iRosa). ocRosa is still a work-in-progress: The XForms/XML
parser, basic UI and encrypted local storage are complete, however
other features such as submitting forms, authentication, GPS tagging
are still being actively developed.

Everything should build out-of-the box by cloning the Git repository
and opening 'ocRosa-Workspace.xcworkspace' in XCode4.



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