Jr:choice-name doesn't give a value when called from inside a repeat group

... and one less non-XPath 1.0 function that I'll have to worry about implementing for libxml2... :grin:

Thanks for everyone's patience on this. I have a proposed fix at https://github.com/opendatakit/javarosa/pull/486 that should be released in Collect v1.24 in mid-October.

Thanks for the updates LN and Yaw, i will take a look at the beta release and see how it goes.

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I have a calculate field using jr:choice-name(${commodity_name},'${commodity_name}') to get the label from a select_one question 'commodity_name' within a repeat group. The select_one question has a choice_filter expression. The label is being displayed in ODK Collect v1.27.1 but not in Enketo v1.86.1. What could be the issue? Thanks.