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Hi everyone! I have a question, I'm using last-saved to save the ID number so it won't be used again, but I noticed that when updating the form, after saving the previous forms, the field with the last-saved value doesn't is updated, will it be what it is because I'm using draft?

Last saved won't guarantee a number won't be used again. As we note in the documentation at we only recommend it for setting defaults.

Support for last-saved was added in Collect v1.21.0 and Central v1.3.0. Using older versions or encrypted forms will have unpredictable results.

If you'd like more help, it'd be helpful to see your form and your use of last-saved.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!
I tried it using a draft and I also tried it after it was published.
Follow my form so you can see.
Thanks again
test_tortue.xlsx (234.7 KB)