Launching ODK Collect using the jrFormId and not the _id from an external app

Is there a way i can to launch a specific form from an external app using jrFormId and not the _id on the URI?

Hi @jovel

it's not possible. Why do you need that? Maybe we can consider adding such an option.

Hello @Grzesiek2010

Thanks for the quick reply, I just wondering if we can use the jFormId as it is more readable compare to integer.

My answer was correct and ODK Collect accepts only IDs but you can write a workaround on your side. If you do that it's possible to pass jrFormId then find ID for given jrFormId and start a form. I can help you and prepare a sample if you want.

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Hello @Grzesiek2010, I am looking on FormsProvider.class to do a workaround, but was not able to achieve it. I still look for other choices. If you can provide a sample that will be awesome, thank you.

No problem, I'll do that tomorrow.


If you don't know here is a sample app used for testing Collect intents:

and here is a pr that adds an option to open a form using jrFormId:

Hello @Grzesiek2010 thank you for the help!