Learn, advance ODK programming

Dear ODK Team,

I am please to use ODK as my survey software. Though I had used many software before that for android as well as PDA and windows yet i felt ODK was the most successful one.
Sir, I just want to learn this tool with deep insight and advance programming language.

Please suggest me, do we have any PDF or any other source from which i could learn it better.

Yes ODK is best software to do a survey. One of best way to learn ODK is ODK Docs. Here you will find rich documentation of ODK.

If you need any kind of help here you can write and we are always here for you. Please update your real picture here.



Thank you so much #iamnarendrasingh Sir,
For your valuable input, but sir still, documentation had a lot of thing but still like advance relevant logic and calculation are still not their or i couldn't find it. Like the one for repeat question for not having duplicate entries etc.

Thsi is a good source as well http://xlsform.org/

Hello Grzegorz SIr,

I have been through this whole document and also know a lot of logic's but it is just an basic kind of point where it is useful for beginning level only.

I don't think it's that basic. So what "complex" problems are you trying to solve?

It's like advance skips for roaster, like no repeated value should taken between different loop. Number of the responses in a multiple question, could be restricted a lot more.

These are some of the basic requirement where I get stuck while developing the tool.

Each and every hard step can be clear if your basic is clear.

With the help of basic understanding, you can make any kind of ODK Form.