Leverage a key field to add information

Hi all, I'm new and need help. in my module I collect plant data where each species is georeferenced by geopoint. the next step would be to automatically fill in the nearby toponym for each xy pair of coordinates. In fact, I already have an xls file where the xy coordinate is associated with each toponym in my province. it would therefore be a question of making a "join" for those who use QGIS. Thank you

This is not possible with ODK (such a spatial operation). The easiest way is to process your collected data with QGIS after the field period.
If you can't and you really need to fill the location name in the field) we will soon be able to add select question with polygon. So we can imagine select the polygon representing your location (the GPS will be active) and then create the geopoint.

maybe for the language I explained myself badly. My request is not necessarily related to coordinates. I could give another example like: The user answers the question "where do you live?" and automatically in the following fields the fields "Postal code", "Province" and "Country" are filled in automatically. how can this be done? thanks

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I understand! You'll find an example here :

In the last paragraph "XLSForm that looks up default values based on a selection"