LibrePlanet 2018: Boston 24-25 March

Wanted to give a shout-out to LibrePlanet 2018, happening 24-25 March 2018 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I personally will be attending FOSSASIA during that time, but highly recommend attendance & speaking at this event!

Especially if you're within a reasonable distance of the Boston area, it's a great chance to meet other free & open source software people, and learn about other cool projects & interesting issues. The call for sessions closes 9 November. Still time to prepare an awesome talk about Open Data Kit!

Registration for the 2-day conference has a pretty reasonable cost -- anywhere between $0 for students and FSF members, to $90 for the general public.

Travel scholarships are available (until 30 November 2017) to assist with a portion of your travel costs.

If you're planning to propose a session or attend, let us know here!


Dear Michael,

Great idea. I am interested to join and I would like to share my experiences on ODK. As I did a few surveys using ODK. I will definitely submit an abstract to join and I am not far from Boston. Please provide me with some more info, if you feel would be helpful; for me.



@A.N.M_AL-IMRAN awesome!

One "secret pro tip" is to avoid using the term "open source"; instead use "free software" in any of your submission & presentation materials :wink:

While for many of us the terms are used interchangeably, many of the reviewers are highly motivated by the freedom aspects of FOSS. So you'll win more friends by not getting them distracted with the "open source" term.

Otherwise, the crowd is very intellectually curious and like hearing about real-world applications of free software, so describing places & ways ODK is used would be very insightful to the audience.

I know from Slack that @yanokwa is helping @icemc with a presentation for use at a GDG event in Cameroon, and maybe that same presentation could be adapted ... check with them to make sure you're up to date with the latest materials!

PS: If there's anyone else interested in going, I'm sure @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN would love help with the proposal and/or presentation!


Dear Michael,

Thanks a lot for your tips and a complete brief. I will submit something before it ends. As you mentioned I will be in touch with Yaw for a guideline for the presentation.

And of course, as Michael mentioned, friends please feel free to team up with me if you are interested to join. I will be more than happy to help.

Thank you once again,

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i wish i could join but i am very far from the venue, maybe next time when this are well with with i will be there wherever it will take place.


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