Limit number of repeat groups

How can I set limit number of my repeat group, for example I want to limit it to 5 repeat groups only.

Attached is my sample questions for repeat group.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Hello Makino,

For setting the limit number of repeat group, You need to add repeat count and set the limit in the begin repeat. Below, I had attached the Excel file as instances for your references.

Hope this works for you.

Dinesh Dongol

repeat_count.xlsx (10.6 KB)

Hello! Thank you, but is it possible not to add the integer above the begin_repeat.

yes it would be possible depending upon the questions. Could be more specific about the question or share the portion of question that you want to create in repeat count.

Attached is my sample questions. I wanted to add Names of Barangay Personnel but will only limit to 3 names only.

Does you mean to say up to limit three every time ? Every time you ask question you they have to enter up to 3 Names ?

Or sometime it can be 1 name only, Other time it can be 2 name only or some time it could be up to 3 names ?

For this question, maximum is up to 3 only. :slight_smile:

Ok got it . I had attached the form with repeat group with 1-3 maximum. They can enter minimum one name and to maximum 3 names

And if they proceed to add the 4 name. the error messages with come in the next screen. after entering the name.

cal-repeat-count.xlsx (9.0 KB)

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Thank you! I will try this.