Limiting Access to original .xlsx files on Central for Project Viewer

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
We are trying to supply access to the submissions data on ODK Central V1.4.2 but cannot do so without exposing the original .xlsx files to the "Project Viewer". Ideally either the "Project Viewer" would not have access to the .xlsx files of the current and previous versions of the form or this would be a toggleable option. That or perhaps a new "Data Viewer" who only has the ability to view data and nothing else (Sitting somewhere between Project Viewer and Data Collector in terms of access).
Is there a way to supply ONLY submissions access currently?

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?
Upload any form to central as a .xlsx.
Upload a revised form.
Assign a user a "Project Viewer" Role
Said user can download the .xlsx files of the form.

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
Tried different project role "Data Collector"

4. Upload any test forms or screenshots below.

Can you please describe the type of person that you want to give data access to (how are they affiliated with your organization, etc), what they're going to be doing with the data, and the information from your form that you don't want to expose?

A growing number of teams within the organisation go through us to publish forms on a production server which outputs all forms to the field. The data returned from the field can be accessed by all Teams, no conflicts there. The data returned is a full mixture of customer survey questions, compliance and media files, variable by Team and form.

To date we run ODATA queries to pull data and publish this to everyone. However there is now a push to get the Teams pulling their own data with the increasing number of forms / form returns which necessitates giving them accounts to setup ODATA queries and pull data themselves. As far as I am aware, there is no way to do this without giving them access to each other's .xlsx forms which the teams consider somewhat their own "IP" either because of the structure or the possibility they may contain internal comments / references which the Teams generally don't want to share. These comments are removed in the .xml files.

The current workaround is for us to pre-convert the forms and upload the .xml only, but it necessitates another layer of work (and removing existing .xlsx forms) where believe the feature add of a "Data Viewer" would simplify things (keeping a single server, not having to remove stray .xlsx's, giving everyone the same assigned roles etc). I suppose it is also feasible that a Data Viewer would have no access to the .xml either! (I don't believe any copies are returned within the data?)

Adding other projects for each Team would also work but in our case we want to have all the forms available to the field from a single point of contact with minimal switching / setup etc.

Happy to give more detail if required. As I said, we do have a workaround with purging existing .xlsx files and uploading .xml from a dev server so this really is just a possible nice to have "Data Viewer" in future.

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hello ,
i would approach the issue as following , by preparing an excel file with predefined ODATA connector configured to get each team data from the specific form in ODK central , all the team will need to do is to refresh the connector to get their data into excel. you can assign only one data Viewer role and use it in all excel files , since each team will not have the link configured to other team forms.

hope this work for you