Limiting select_one options based on the answer to the previous question


This is my first attempt at using ODK so forgive me if it's an easy question...

I am creating an xls form for wildlife monitoring...
My first question asks what type of animal has been identified.. e.g.
• primate
• carnivore
• bird etc.

The next question asks what signs were seen... e.g
• nest
• feeding signs
• carcass etc.

For my second question I have a long list of possible tracks and signs but I would like to be able to limit these based on the answer to the previous question. e.g. if they have seen signs of a carnivore, nest won't need to feature in the list. I really want to limit choices to avoid erroneous results.

At present, I have ended up including a new "what sign did you see?" question which follows on from each answer to question one, with a different choices list.

Although this works fine on ODK Collect, when analysing the resulting data table, there are so many blank questions.

Is there a way around this? Is it possible to just hide a selection of choices based on the answer to a previous question?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi @gbp.odk

I think you can use cascading selects. Please look here:


Hola como estas,
Creeria que puedes usar datos precargados desde un archivo CVS, allí puede filtrar las opciones de respuestas de opción de la pregunta anterior

aquí te puede guiar sobre la manera de hacerlo,