Link a set of repeat count to an integer typed question in a previous repeat group

nassco_script.xlsx (93.4 KB) Hi everyone here, please i want to build the above uploaded form in a way that all questions under repeat group(rpt2) will only show for the household member that his/her age is greater or equals to 5(i.e once any figure less than 5 is input in A4, all question in rpt2 will not show for such particular household member. please help.

Hi @matolab,

As per previous post, I'd suggest you add a calculated field to track the age variable and then use the relevant condition.
I've edited your form with the following changes:

  • removed the group in row 47 as not needed;
  • added calculate field in row 50;
  • added relevant condition for vars B2-B5

Please see attached nassco_script_am.xlsx (90.2 KB) , it should work fine now.


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