Link Form A data to Form B

Hope this makes sense - any suggestions gratefully received.

We are doing a multi-level survey.

In the first form the user enters the name of the village and then the name of the head of household

In the second form the user enters the name of each individual

At the moment we are using a numerical household identifier entered in both Form A and Form B to link individuals to households.

A) Household Form
Head of Household
Household ID

B) Village Form
Household ID
Individudal Name

Is there any way that when the user opens the Individual Form, that the Village and Head of Household lists can auto-populate based on what has already been entered.

They select a village
Based on that the system gives all the household names that have been entered against that village
Then they select that household and enter the individual against that house.

Hope that makes sense

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!


I think you would need external itemsets ( to accomplish
this, plus this would require you to generate a CSV file (used with
external itemsets) at lets say some URL. Such that the file is generated
from database tables whenever it is requested.

That being said, you'd need to add an extra functionality in ODK Collect to
request this file from URL and place it in SD Card-> ODK-> myfrom-media

If you successfully do that, you'd be able to link both forms.