Load geojson polygon to map?


Any solution or workaround to this feature?

I have list of polygon coordinates and want to load them in map.
if we assign coordinates as string to geoshape calculation then it works.
now challenge is to load all or matching criteria polygons in one single map.

I was thinking of index-repeat..
or is there a simple way to load geojson polygon to map?

See https://docs.getodk.org/form-question-types/#select-from-map for how to select points from a map. You can load those points into Collect via CSV or GeoJSON.

Traces and shape support is on the roadmap and coming soon.


Thanks Yanokwa for the response.
Is there any workaround to overlay geoshapes on map through CSV?
I tried with repeat loop but there is limitation that I cannot count the number of matching records using pulldata.

Also any chance we can display previously tracked geoshapes on the same map.
This feature is very important for us to avoid overlaps in two neighboring geoshapes (agri farms) tracked by same field team using same tablet.