Loading the form takes too long in Collect

We've been using ODK Collect for four years, and everything was going great, but since February - March we have a slowness issue that happens quite frequently. We first thought it was our tablet, but not since we tested it on another and the problem is there too.

The loading of the form can take up to 20 minutes, which causes us a lot of worries. See screenshot. I searched the forum, but nothing seems similar in the topics already treated. Have you had this experience, do you have a solution for me? Thanks in advance

Hi @ps_lachute
20 minutes seems like very long so I have a few questions:

  1. Does that happen only when you start a new form or maybe when you edit an already saved one too?
  2. If it happens when you start a new form does that happen only when you do that for the first time for a given form?
  3. Do you have the same problem with different forms or just one?
  4. What version of ODK Collect are you using?
  5. Is your form very big? How many questions/external files does it contain?
  6. Can you maybe share that form with us so that we can test it?
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Hello, thanks for the help.

  1. Only when starting a new form
  2. Generally not during the day, so after say twenty forms. This may change, but rarely in the first few.
  3. We only use a form. That said, I tested an old form and it gave the same thing
  4. We are continually updating, so the newest
  5. It's relatively big, 13,000 address lines, but for the last three years everything was fine
  6. Yes, here is the attached file.

ADRESSE2023.xlsx (356.2 KB)

Thank you so much


Your 14k data is too big for choices sheet. Please use external select for loading it and use itemsets.csv for storing it. It will significantly reduce your loading time.