Local installation of ODK in tomcat7

I am using tomcat7 and wanted to install ODK? Installation went pretty smooth but when redirect the server cannot be found. Can one install ODK and tomcat7?

I downloaded version 1.4.7


Hi Lisa! I'd recommend you install the latest version of ODK Aggregate (e.g., 1.4.14) because it has been updated to work on Tomcat 8. You can find a list of the differences between versions here.

You can install earlier versions of Aggregate on Tomcat 7, but as the instructions describe, you must edit context.xml (under Tomcat 7's conf directory) to have the attribute useHttpOnly set to false: <Context useHttpOnly="false">.

Thanks, i will try on Tomcat 7. I was having issues with Tomcat7

I have set it to still does not load

Thanks, i hav efigured it out and it works.
Whcih is the last version of ODK that uses Tomcat7?

Hi Lisa, as it notes at https://opendatakit.org/use/aggregate/tomcat-install...

Note: We only test and support Tomcat 8.0 and, for ODK Aggregate v1.4.12 and earlier, we only tested and supported Tomcat 6. If using ODK Aggregate v1.4.12 or earlier, you should download and install Tomcat 8 but apply the manual fix for Tomcat 8 outlined in the Unsupported Webserver Configurations section below.

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I have installed Tomcat on windows server 2008 r2 and its running, and i added ODK aggregate is not running as can be seen on the attached document.