Logic to skip to a specific group of questions!

Hi all! My name is Anastasia and I am running a project on influenza in Thailand. I am having some difficulty with skip logic. In my study, I am interviewing different types of workers and each type of worker has a unique set of questions to be asked on top of an original survey. For example, farmers, traders and butchers all have to answer a set of the same questions, but then I want to skip to a specific set of additional questions: one just for farmers, one just for traders, and one just for butchers. I created a multiple selection question for the individual to specify if they are a farmer, trader, etc. (they can be multiple types of worker). I want to have what they select then prompt the unique questions that apply their worker type. I have tried creating logic to skip to a group of questions just for farmers, etc.

This is some of what I have tried:
selected({spec_worker}, ‘1’)
selected(${spec_worker}, ‘Farmer’)

‘spec_worker’ is the question that asks what types of worker they are. I am getting errors (“Encountered a problem with display condition for node[/data/farmer] at line…etc.). Any guidance/resources/etc. would be greatly appreciated!!! Please let me know how to best proceed.

Could you perhaps attach your excel file here for better understating the problem.

I suspect you probably want:

selected(${spec_worker}, '1')

where ${spec_worker} references your select question, and '1' is the desired choice name (ie not the choice label) for a "Farmer".

See selected() for details.

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