Looking for ways to upload form xml directly

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
We are carrying out a detailed survey and have been facing 500 Internal Server Error uploading the forms from both ODK Collect as well as Enketo. I can get access to the filled up XML files both from devices on which ODK Collect is installed as well as the modified Enketo code.

Is there a way to automatically upload a big bunch of these XML files? We are aware of the /ODKAggregate/submission page but it only lets us upload one XML at a time, and that too with manual intervention.

I am going to post a similar thread in Enketo forum to find the part of the code that handles the uploads, but I am looking for a REST point or some other option to upload the XML files directly in bulk.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
We are using ODK Aggregate 1.4.15 with tomcat7 on Ubuntu 16.04 VM having 6 cores and 6 GB RAM.


Since my previous post, I have been trying to set ODK briefcase up to upload my xmls in bulk.

I am able to view my submissions in ODK Aggregate (my user has the rights to upload data, view it and manage forms as well):

The forms are getting listed in Briefcase (logged in using the same credentials) but the forms are refusing pull request:

The detail of the error says "Authentication Failed":

I tried searching on the forum but the only results that I found suggested ensuring the URL for my aggregate instance is right.

What else can I try?

Please help.

Look through your Aggregate logs or Briefcase logs. Do they show more clues about the "Authentication failure"?

Hi, @Gaurav_Kumar1! I'm sorry you're having problems with Briefcase and Aggregate. The logs @yanokwa has asked would let us know more.

Also, could you check the permissions of the user you're using to pull the form in Briefcase? After logging into Aggregate, go to the Settings tab to check them. Your user should have at least the "Data Viewer" permission checked.