Loop Responses Pointing to Common Parent Tags

hello again,

I have a new question and I don't how exactly to frame it, unless you can run and see.

I have been creating a form that will be used in more than one school,different grades to evaluate results. Each classroom has multiple teams. The initial set of questions are all about school, grade and evaluator and then the loop starts where each team scores get recorded.

Now on google sheets when I access the data, the looped information comes out on a different sheet.

So even as I select different schools and grades, that information shows up on sheet 1, but sheet 2 only has information starting from Team Name.

I.E - Sheet 1
Govt Model School ... Grade 5B ... ..... (lets say this has 2 teams)
Govt Primary School .... Grade 6B .....

Sheet 2
Parent Link to Government Model School ... Team A - Score 1, Score 2, Score 3
Parent Link to Government Model School ... Team B - Score 1, Score 2, Score 3
Parent Link to Government Primary School ... Team A - Score 1, Score 2, Score 3
Parent Link to Government Primary School ... Team B - Score 1, Score 2, Score 3

I tried inserting the School Name and Grade labels so each team can have its corresponding school and grade name populating but of no avail.

How can I work around getting the School and Grade Information next to the looped set of Team Scores, and not just links so we can have the information together?

I am attaching both - the XLS file, and the Google Sheet where scores appear for any one to test here.

Looking for your advice / help .

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inquilab-introduction-activity-form-5.xlsx (19.2 KB)

Any thoughts, Anyone?

Has anyone else ever faced this issue? Would not creating a loop be the only way to go forward with this? Is there anyway that the note I have inserted in the loop show up on the data sheet?

Just in case some one else follows the trail of this chain, for now I am doing a back-end adjustment on google sheets, where I import the 2 different data sheets, and connect the missing pieces via v-lookup.

If I find any other hack, I will keep this thread updated, in case someone else has any recommendations, welcome to share.


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I think what you want to do is pass a value from outside the repeat into the repeat, right? Something like this should do the trick.

|     type     |    name     |         label          | calculate |
| text         | school      | school                 |           |
| begin_repeat | team        | team                   |           |
| calculate    | school-calc |                        | ${school} |
| note         | note        | school: ${school-calc} |           |
| text         | score       | score                  |           |
| end_repeat   |             |                        |           |

repeat-calc.xlsx (8.8 KB)

So once you are inside a repeat, you use a calculate to copy the value of school inside the repeat to school-calc. The note is optional, it's just there to show you that the value works because the calculate won't be shown to the enumerator. On submission, you'll see school inside the first sheet and school-calc and score in the second.

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Thank you Yanokwa, I tried that, and it still didnt work. On my output file, the note area comes out to be blank.

The note will be blank, but the calc shouldn’t be. Is it?

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To my recollection, it wasn't, but I will check again and keep you posted.

Thanks for all the support @yanokwa

I think i had the calculation outside of the loop. Let me try the calculate one more time, inside the loop.

Thanks for everything, like always @yanokwa