Making answers from previous question appear as options in the next question

Hi, one of my survey questions is as below. Is there any way I can make the answers chosen in Que 1 appear as the options for Que 2?

Que 1. Which of the following factors will influence your decision to participate in pandemic activities? Please select all that apply.
a. The language used is easy for me to understand
b. Religious/spiritual belief
c. Family upbringing
d. Origin/Immigration status/Acculturation

Que 2. Among the factors you have selected, please choose the factor most important to you.

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This answer will probably help you :

Thanks a lot Mathieubossaert. I tried using repeat but I think it doesn't apply to my situation. What I want is for e.g. in Que 1 a person chooses "religious/spiritual belief" and "family upbringing" as his answer for this multi-select que. Then in Que 2, the options "religious/spiritual belief" and "family upbringing" will appear for him to choose which factor is most important to him. Is this possible?

Sorry, it will learn me to not answer too early in the morning on the forum !
Yes it is possible. You need to make use of a choice_filter condition saying, that option names should have been selected at question 1.
Here is an example :
select_from_previous_answers.xlsx (9,2 Ko)

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This works perfectly! Thank you so much Mathieubossaert :grinning:

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