Manually upload submissions to Central

Hi, is it still possible to manually upload submissions to ODK Central, like it is done in ODK Aggregate?

Thank you

Can you please explain more? Do you mean to send submissions to ODK Central from ODK Briefcase?

Yes, manual uploading of submission to Central. I mean the equivalent of this Aggregate procedure in Central.

Have you read the documentation for Using Briefcase with Central?

With Central, we encourage users to either use data exports from the Central interface or to write scripts to interact directly with the Central API. If you find yourself reaching for Briefcase a lot with Central, we would like to hear about what features you use it for.

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Good morning Dan, when there is an issue with a given tablet that fails to connect to the server or didn’t send the data for any reason, how do we manually upload our submissions to ODK Central?

That is probably something that we need to troubleshoot case by case. Generally, you'll always be able to retry the upload if it fails.

Perhaps most importantly, even under extreme traffic Central is guaranteed to either wholly succeed or wholly fail each submission. If, for instance, one submission attachment fails to upload or persist, the entire submission upload will fail and Collect will attempt the submission again. If Central reports that a submission was successfully uploaded, then all submitted data was successfully saved.