Many answers on single screen

dear friends,
in my forms, collector can answers only single question per screen, i saw another type of question today which could attract my interest, this type was as follow:
Question: how many students are registered?
boys, ___________
Girls -------------------
these could be answered on the same screen of mobile. or, another example is attached.
so, can any one help me, how to create such questions in XLS?
thanks in advance.xls%20form%20pic

Hi @adil_mansour

you need to use a group with field-list appearance. You can find more info here


hi dear, thank you for the comment
but i used group as in attachment
then, i checked this on my phone, these questions were in separate screen.
if you mean begin group by group, i did this, but not work, or some thing is missed??
test.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Here is an example: filed_list_and_media.xls (7 KB)

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appreciated, thanks so much dear brother, i could do it, have happy life

HINT: "Field-list" appearance works best when the question types are the same and have similar response choices.

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ok, thank you so much, gotten