Map Visualization for Looped GPS Positions

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I may have set up my form incorrectly, but I have the following form:

  1. Start by taking image of Taxi;
  2. Enter odometer reading;
  3. Enter route name;
  4. Enter vehicle registration (pre-populated list);
  5. Start a loop that:
    5.1) Captures GPS Location;
    5.2) Captures Amount of people alighting;
    5.3) Captures Amount of people boarding;
    5.4) Captures fare for the people boarding;
  6. Capture Odometer reading at end of shift/route;

The form works, the only thing that is "missing" is that I can't visualize the points in the Map It function in Aggregate. It gives no option for selecting the column, it is blank. I can however export it to KML and everything is there and visualize it there.

I am using the latest ODK Aggregate (version v1.4.15 64-bit on Linux with Tomcat8 and MySQL).

Is this just a limitation we have to work with, or is there a way I can let Aggregate's visualization "see" the Loop's Locations?

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Try publishing to Fusion Tables as a way to visualise these points.

Dawie, I'm not 100% sure, but I believe Aggregate can only map locations outside a repeat. Can you confirm by trying a short form with locations inside and outside a repeat?

If you can confirm, we can then add it to the docs to make it easier for the next person who runs into this problem!


Yes. Non-repeat forms display locations just fine. It is only if the locations are within a repeat when it is a problem.

Would be a nice feature though. But workarounds exist.

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