MEAL (data collection and visualization)

I would like to know if it is possible to link the ODK aggregate server with a data visualization tool like Power Bi or Tableau Public in the sense of tracking key indicators in a dashboard without actually starting to download the database. data on aggregate and follow the progress of the data collection in a manual way with the analysis applications after a few days or weeks. Not sure if data collection tracking time is possible during data collection.

Hi @diniero69,

Until we move to central we are using Aggregate server too and we can easily connect our dashboard tool on the aggregate postgresql database to generate live dashboards (redash but we also try metabase).
I do not practice the tools you mentionned but I think you could achieve your needs since you can connect your tool to postgresql.
The database structure of the firm data is quite easy. A _CORE table with child tables for each repeat. Each child table references it's mother ("_URI") with the "_PARENT_AURI" column...

Con respecto a que si es posible déjame decirte que si, sin importar en donde tengas tu odk puedes realizar tableros para la visualización de los datos recolectados.

si tienes alguna duda en el la forma de conectarlos puedes crear tus hilos o bien enviame un mensaje personal. saludos!