Measure distance and area between points

Hi, all
Is there any odk collect widget or question type for dimensions (height, etc.) and area measure?

Hi @Amal_Dahounto
No it's not possible but I was thinking about it recently and I would like to add such an option. I mean adding a widget that would allow us to measure a path or an area based on current Geo widgets.


Hi @Grzesiek2010
thanks for your reply;
Hope that your project for that widget will soon be realized.

@Amal_Dahounto could you describe better what you really need? How are you going to use it? Any real use case? It would be really helpful for us.

@Amal_Dahounto @Grzesiek2010 There is an area function contributed by SurveyCTO that computes the area described by a geoshape or a list of geopoints. @martijnr shared a sample XLSForm here. Does that suit your needs?

It's not clear to me what a height calculation means in this context so more details there would be very helpful.

@LN,Grzesiek2010, thanks to you two.
By " Height calculation", I mean the calculation for the distance between two given geopoints.
Hélène, the area function in your xlsform above suits one of my needs (area calculation); my guess is that it will suit my second need (heigth calculation): I will apply it to 2 geopoints (any other idea about this will be much appreciated); after trying, I will keep you informed.
Thanks you so much.

Distance between points has been proposed as an addition to the form specification at and we've not been able to push that to completion. This will likely have to wait until we can get a proper road map together and see where it fits in.

many thanks.