Media widget crashes - GeoODK Collect app

I have another problem with GeoODK app, exactly with the Media widget. I have inserted this widget in my form, and when I take the picture it works, but if I choose a picture from the catalog the application crashes.
I'm using GeoODK 4.1. This problem is not present in ODK Collect 1.11.1.
I found ODK Collect much better than GeoODK, however, I cannot use it for my field data collection, when I save the Location of the point (Geopoint) in ODK Collect I cannot move the marker and put it where I want. The marker is where I'm standing with my smartphone, but this is not good for my field data collection. The marker must be placed in the middle of the sampling unit. Would you please tell me if there is a wayi in ODK Collect to move the marker and save the coordinates of the point in the position where I put it?
Thanks a lot for your help

GeoODK is a modification of ODK. For support on those tools, please get in touch with their creators at

In Collect, you can use the placement-map appearance with a geopoint to allow users to place markers. Documentation is here.

Hi Helene,
many thanks for your prompt reply...
I have another little question for you..sorry..
it's about the Date widget..
I'm using the one with appearance="no-calendar", but I wonder if there is something I should write in order have the Current date already selected by default. At the moment the widget shows the button "Select date" and under "No date selected". It would be nice to have by default the current date selected. In this way, if you are happy with the default you can skip this step and go on...Thanks!